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May I Present To You The First-Ever “Jeff Reed Kicks Game-Winning Field Goal” Commemorative Post

Titans Steelers Football

In light of Jeff Reed’s heroic achievements last night, which included the primo party dude/kicker nailing a 33-yard field goal to lift the Steelers to a dramatic 13-10 overtime victory over the Titans, I am pleased to introduce the first of what should be several Jeff Reed Kicks Game-Winning Field Goal Commemorative Post, where we not only honor his achievements on the field, but also pay homage to how he lives his life off the field.

And that’s as a grade-A, certifiably awesome, bitchin’ bro-man. Man.



Rock on, brah.

Jeff, for your performance last night, I award you 3 out of 5 “yahdoods.” Well done, sir.