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I Can Guarantee You That Rick Reilly Hates This Guy


Steve Blass has had a good life. Currently a broadcaster for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Blass was the hero of the 1971 World Series for the Buccos (although he did finish second to teammate Roberto Clemente in the MVP voting), pitching two complete game victories (including Game 7) against the Baltimore Orioles, where he yielded only seven hits and two runs in 18 innings.

The current version of the Pirates probably wish some of his good fortune would rub off on them, because Blass just hit two hole-in-ones in the same round.

Former Pittsburgh Pirates World Series star Steve Blass made two holes-in-one in a span of 11 holes during the team’s annual alumni golf outing.

Blass’s first hole-in-one Thursday at Greensburg County Club came with an 8-iron at the 154-yard, par-3 15th hole – because of the format, his fivesome started on the back nine.

His second ace came with a 7-iron on the 175-yard, par-3 seventh hole.

What a lucky son of a bitch. I often wonder how people are able to swing a club so well with their lucky horseshoe crammed up their ass.

Because of this accomplishment, I imagine Rick Reilly now hates this bastard with the heat of a thousand suns. But that’s probably still not as much as he hates himself.

Pitching ace(s): Blass has 2 holes-in-1 []