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The Morning Bowl (September 10th): Blogger Makes It Big Time!

bowl-smoking• These guys got mentioned by gorgeous gal Malin Akerman in an interview with Esquire. Well done, gents. [Sharapova’s Thigh]

• Brady Quinn: starter for the Cleveland Browns. [With Leather]

• Classy story (really): Dick Vitale is going to pay for the funeral of a teenager who was tragically murdered that he never met. Despite all the ribbing we give him, the guy is a class act. [The Dagger]

• Business_Socks busts out his Atlanta Falcons preview. [Style Points]

• Christmas Ape breaks down the latest twists and turns in the Roethlisberger case in a way only he can. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Absolutely fantastic piece by First Derivative about how ways in which the NHL can improve. If you’re a hockey fan, definitely take the time to read this post. Excellent. [The Phoenix Pub]

• The inside scoop on the theft of the stealing of the Cal Ripken monument. I can’t wait until they trace this one all the way back to Kevin Costner – you just know he as behind it all. [Busted Coverage]