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Seven Dollars Is A Perfectly Reasonable Price For A Beer – Allow Me To Get The Cash For It Out Of My Gold-Plated Wallet


According to something called the Team Marketing Report, the average price for a beer in an NFL stadium this season will be $6.80. Some example of prices, via Game On!:

In the home city of Anheuser-Busch, the St. Louis Rams will charge $8.75 for their lowest-priced offering: a 20-ounce beer.

The Cincinnati Bengals will offer a 14-ounce beer for $5.

The Detroit Lions, who finished 0-16 last season, will charge $8.50 for their beers. Which means Lions fans “should avoid crying” in their suds, notes TMR.

What a steal! But when you think about it, there are many reasons why this is a good deal. For instance, the beer is already served to you at the temperature of urine so your body has to do far less work processing it, which is nice. Further, on some occasions, you can actually have it delivered to you right in your seat, forcing you to get to know everyone you are sharing a row with as they pass the sweet, sweet elixir down to you. Sure, they now know that you suffer from a debilitating case of alcoholism, but it’s always good to share.

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