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Off-Topic: Fun With Random Internet Ads


If you are lucky enough to have become a regular reader of the Sportress, you are well aware of the fact that I am easily amused by some of the most trivial things I come across while making my way around the internets.

Case in point: above is a random ad I saw during my journeys on the information superhighway. Where I saw it is not important nor is it relevant. As anyone with a blog can tell you, the first step in attempting to derive any ad revenue for your hard half-assed work involves working with Google Ads or something similar where you have really no control over what pops up in the ads and sometimes it’s even entertaining what comes up, so it’s not a criticism of the site where I found it.

But the one above is great. I don’t know if it was the steroids that caused this company not to proofread its own ads before submitting them for public consumption or what, but this one has a lot going wrong in it.

First of all, there should be an apostrophe in “Dont.” Next, “moneyon” shouldn’t word. Additionally, I believe it is supposed to be “protein powders or Creatine, not “of.” Finally, “freeway” should probably not be one word, unless the person providing the testimonial found this product on an entrance ramp next to the lady selling oranges.

And why is it in all capital letters? Are they yelling at me to try to convince me to buy their product? Is Stephen A. Smith in advertising?

It reminded me of those fake Powerthirst commercials.

Unfortunately for THEWORKOUTSTANDARD.COM, I don’t think this was intentionally hilarious.