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The Morning Bowl (September 9th): Lingerie Football Is Off To An Ass-Exposing Start

bowl-smoking• Awesome photo of a lingerie football team attempting to run the “Naked Bootleg.” Heh. Well played, Punte. [With Leather]

• Details on Erin Andrews’ security detail, in detail. Did I mention it’s about Erin Andrews’ security detail? Erin Andrews. [Busted Coverage]

• It’s almost fucking time for football! Yearrrghhh! Captain Caveman gets up pumped up. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• More controversy for the President. This time, it’s about a speech he intends to give to college football players. Oh yeah, and some yahoo has a Vikings preview over there – trust me, it’s terrible. [Style Points]

• Notre Dame is coming out with some live-streaming football iPhone app. But Notre Dame? Blech. [Bootlegger Sports]

• The beginning of the NHL season is closer than you think. Get up to speed with MYFO’s previews. Today, the Chicago Blackhawks. [Melt Your Face Off]