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Rafael Nadal Had Emotions Stirred In Him He Has Never Felt Before Until Last Night

US Open Tennis

Not that there’s anything wrong with it. A crazed male fan managed to gain access to the court last night (video after the jump) during Rafael Nadal’s victory over Frenchman Gael Monfils at the U.S. Open and had enough time to sneak a kiss on the cheek from the Spanish heartthrob before being escorted off the court by security.

The Spaniard was returning to his chair having removed his shirt when the male fan put his arms around the former world number one and planted a kiss on his cheek.

“The man has been arrested and it is now in the hands of the NYPD and we will be reviewing the footage to see whether security needs to be strengthened,” USTA official Tim Curry said.

This is the second time a fan was able to sneak by security and come in close contact with a player this year. Some goofball rushed Roger Federer and tried to put a hat on him at the French Open.

Afterward, a conflicted Nadal seemed unfazed by the incident.

Asked about his close shave with the fan, Nadal told reporters: “For me it wasn’t a problem. The guy was really nice. he was a great fan, he said I love you.”

Nice enough for a second date? C’mon, Rafael! Don’t be a tease and leave this poor guy hanging. He loves you, man.

Ahh, fall in New York. Is there anything more romantic?

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