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Ooh La La: Three LPGA Ladies To Appear In ESPN the Magazine’s “Body Issue”


Rarely concerned about using sex to sell their sport, the LPGA has announced that three of its players will appear partially nude in next month’s “Bodies” issue of the ESPN the Magazine. According to Golf Digest (via Waggle Room):

The women’s tour will no doubt get a triple-whammy of attention — both wanted and unwanted — next month when three of its players appear in ESPN the Magazine in tastefully covered states of undress. An LPGA executive said Sunday that Sandra Gal, a second year player from Germany by way of the University of Florida, Anna Grzebien, a second year player from Duke, and Christina Kim, who is in her seventh year on tour, will appear in the Oct. 19 “Bodies” issue of ESPN the Magazine.

In his article, Golf Digest writer Ron Sirak examines the risk the LPGA runs promoting the women’s golf in this manner, but is that really what’s most important? Go ahead and read it if you like (it is a compelling and well-written article, to be honest), but here at the Sportress we try not to think too hard about stuff like that and bog down you, our dear readers, with such matters. Instead, how about we just do what we do around here and take a gander at these three ladies and see what we have in store for us next month.

Anna Grzebien



Not too shabby. I give her three out of five Pings from my ding-a-ling. Yeah, I have no idea what that means, either. Just try to roll with it.

Sandra Gal



Even nicer. Four out of five Pings.



Gah! What the hell? I bet what I just did here is exactly how they “bury the lead” in the Bizarro World. No Pings from my ding-a-ling on this one. In fact, my ding-a-ling just went zing and needs to be placed in a sling until next spring.

Or something.


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