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But What Kind Of Rib Was It?


No, seriously, it’s an important and relevant question. Were they baby back ribs? Short ribs? Spare ribs? Were they pork or beef? And please don’t tell me he somehow injured himself feasting on some of those country-style boneless variety of ribs.

Was it the barbecue sauce? Or were they a Memphis-style dry rub? Did he bite his tongue or burn his mouth or did he choke on a bone?

Did he have an aneurysm trying to use one of those annoying Wet-Naps packets they always provide with ribs? No kidding, those things can be impossible to tear open.

So many questions, so few answers. All I know is I’m starving now and it’s three hours until lunch. Lame.

Thanks a lot, John Daly and Yahoo! Sports headline writers, you jerks.

Rib injury forces Daly to cancel Australia trip [Yahoo!/AP]