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Uhhh…Word Up? Homey?


Straight trippin’, dawg. And look at the guy, Sean McAdam. He may look straight-laced on the outside, but the guy is totally street, mutherfucka. He’ll put you on notice by looking at him sideways, G. He ain’t playin’, either – the turf war between him and Bob Ryan over at the Boston Globe was a goddamn bloodbath.

You best not be frontin’ on MC Adam’s crew, bitch. Homey don’t play that. And if your bitches talk shit, he’s gonna have to put the smack down.

Yes, that is the best I can do with the street lingo. As you can probably tell, I haven’t listened to hardcore rap in years. You know, like Snow and shit like that.


Red Sox must be trippin’ [Boston Herald]