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Troy Polamalu Must Like The Way It Makes His Scalp Tingle

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu finally has a legitimate reason to keep his long hair: endorsement opportunities. Courtesy of Mondesi’s House, above is Polamalu’s new commercial for Head & Shoulders, where he lets his freak flag fly.

Pretty clever, but was Polamalu insinuating that the reporter was making eyes at his Samson-like mane? That’s not right.

I just hope this is as far as he takes it. I don’t think I could handle seeing him in a L’OrĂ©al hair care commercial with Beyonce. Not because he’s not “worth it,” as their slogan goes, but it would be a shame for Beyonce to have to share the camera with a someone with better hair than her.

Oh snap!

[H/T Mondesi’s House]