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Last Call: Sebadoh Edition


Busy day here at the office, so I figured I’d crank out a quick intro for tonight’s Last Call.

I received an e-mail last week with the following message: “Weed Against Speed. I don’t get it.”

I just assumed everyone understood the reference, if they ever even bothered to take the time to consider it. Long story short: “Weed Against Speed” is a song by the band Sebadoh off their 1996 album Harmacy. I love the song and dug how the name could be construed. For those of you who are not aware of the band, Sebadoh was formed by Lou Barlow after he he got kicked out of Dinosaur Jr. in 1989 (although he is now back with J Mascis playing gigs again). Lou is also one of the founding members of The Folk Implosion. If you are not familiar with their work, check them out. You know, because they are good and stuff.

So there’s your history lesson for the day, kids. I’m sure all of you can now sleep easier at night knowing a little bit more about my made-up internet handle. Such heady times.

Oh, and one more thing. Believe it or not, since I launched this silly little blog in April, the Sportress has had over 1,000 posts (this being the 1,074th post, in fact). As I am always striving to improve on what has become before previously here on this little corner of the internet, I request your assistance in one tiny matter. I am always open to input on how to improve the site and welcome your suggestions. Feel free to use the contact/tips page up top or include them in the comments section. Thanks.

And for all of you wisenheimers out there who are going to write “Stop blogging” or “Get someone else to write”, or “Eat shit, fuckstick,” don’t bother. I know I stink already…

Stink like awesomeness! Wooo-hoooo! Suck on that, bitches!


The Entree

  • “Everybody dance now” – Arrested Development


  • Ziyi Zhang





And for the ladies…

  • Mickey Rooney!



Music Accompaniment

  • Sebadoh, of course.

Okey-dokey, have at it, folks.