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It Looks Like Jon Gruden Has At Least One Thing In Common With Tony Kornheiser

grudenkornheiserI’m sure most of you out there cringe at the thought of Jon Gruden possessing any qualities similar to that of Monday Night Football trainwreck Tony Kornheiser, but it appears that the two see eye-to-eye on at least one subject – well, besides their undying man-crushes on Brett Favre, of course.

Their shared love for the show American Idol.

Everyone who watched Kornheiser on PTI or Monday Night Football or has listened to his radio show is painfully aware of how Kornheiser would be perfectly content to talk about American Idol until anyone within listening distance would be looking for the nearest letter opener to repeatedly stab into their ear canals, but Gruden? Say it ain’t so.

From an extensive interview (which is quite interesting, as a matter of fact) with Richard Deitsch on Join the club. Now that you are budding television star, what’s the one program away from sports that you’d love to be on?

Gruden: American Idol. Why American Idol?

Gruden: You get a chance to go around the country and see people that claim to have the talent to be a superstar American Idol. I would love to reward someone with a ticket to L.A. or shatter their hopes — just like mine have been dashed many times. (laughs). I’d like to watch them through their nervousness and stuff. Me and my kids watch that show relentlessly. Simon Cowell is a pretty rough guy.

Noooooo!!! Please don’t fall into that trap, Gruden. We have enjoyed your work on MNF up to this point because you presented a completely different perspective than Tony Kornheiser did. Any similarities between you and him will be looked upon with extreme prejudice.

Before you know it, Gruden will be half-bald, rocking the side part and be using phrases like, “IN A MILLION YEARS!!”

This development cannot be considered a good thing, people.

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