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Chris “The Don” Berman Wants It Done, So Make It Happen, ESPN


There are certain times when a man of immeasurable power has to take control of a situation in order to get shit done, and at ESPN, now is one of those times.

Chris Berman, unwilling to sit on his hands any longer (they always fall asleep and get weird marks on them when he does that anyway), has called out the powers-that-be at ESPN and the NFL and made his opinions known: ESPN should, nay, must broadcast an upcoming  Super Bowl. And make it snappy. Via The Huddle:

“We’re one of the four (TV) partners,” Berman told [USA Today columnist Michael] McCarthy. “Hopefully, the next time around, it will be a four-man rotation. That would be a pinnacle, having a Super Bowl at ESPN.”

Damn straight, Berman. ESPN has for far too long sat idly by on the sidelines while other networks dominate the televised sports landscape, but for no longer. The Don has decreed it, so it will be so. Because if you tell Berman “no” once, it will be your last time.

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