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Wait, Anna Rawson Is Actually A Professional Golfer? For Real?


I seriously had no idea. I was aware that she golfed a bit, but I thought she didn’t really compete professionally, that she was mostly a model who looked good with a club in her hands, and perhaps people said the lusty lass was a pro golfer just to be friendly – you know,  like “She has a nice personality,” or “It was nice to meet you,” or “No, a restraining order is a legitimate legal document.”

But apparently she is, because the Australian beauty went out yesterday at the Priddis Greens Golf & Country Club in Calgary and fired a course record seven-under 64 to take a one-stroke lead after the first round of the Canadian Open. She had nine birdies and two bogeys. Obviously, Rawson was pleased with her performance.

“I really tried today to just stay in the moment,” she said. “I’m so good at getting ahead of myself and saying, ‘Oh, if I get to 3, if I get to 4, if I get to 5 under.’ So I just didn’t even think about it.”

Rawson has been working with Kevin Sverduk, a sports psychologist from Long Beach, California, to help her remain calm and focused during her play. This year has been particularly difficult for Rawson, as she has missed nine cuts in thirteen events.

“I think this year has just been terrible mentally,” Rawson said. “Like I’ve just had the worst head that you could ever imagine.

Sweet fancy Moses, now that’s a quote. But I’m sorry, there is no reason the thought of Anna Rawson and the phrase “worst head that you could ever imagine” should ever occur simultaneously.

It got so bad, Rawson even contemplated giving up the game.

“I don’t even want to tell you what’s been going through my head — it’s that bad. I thought about everything that I shouldn’t. I really haven’t hit the ball that bad. I just haven’t been here. I haven’t been enjoying it,” she said.

Thankfully, it appears that Rawson is back on the right track and hopefully, we’ll be enjoying her game for years to come.

So in honor of her magnificent accomplishment, I have compiled a little photo gallery for your enjoyment. And no, I didn’t go the lazy route and do a Google image search. In fact, I ransacked her official website and culled these photos for your perusal. I went ahead and did some screengrabs and a little cropping just for you, my readers. So these photos should be new to most of you who don’t frequent her site. It’s simply amazing what you can accomplish with an hour or two, MSPaint and an image editor. Yeah, that’s right – MSPaint. We run a pretty sophistimicated operation here at the Sportress. You gotta love science – or whatever you want to call it.

And I don’t think spending that much time on this is creepy. Do you know what’s creepy? You. You’re creepy.















Excellent. Oh yeah, here’s another interesting tidbit about Rawson’s site – when you first enter it, there is the following message:

While you’re waiting for all the great content to load, give Anna a call and leave her a message!

(213)  785-7625

Yikes. I certainly do not envy the assistant whose responsibility it is to review those messages. There’s probably a lot of heavy breathing and horrible, horrible noises. Sheesh.

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