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SI’s Cheerleader Of The Week Has A Thing For Guys Who Slap Their Women Around


May I introduce you to SI’s Cheerleader of the Week, Lizzie Bellinger. She is a senior majoring in journalism at the University of Kansas.

For those of you who frequent the site (thanks Upstate Underdog and White Speed Receiver!), you are no doubt familiar with the usual routine around here when the weekly installment of SI’s profile of a college cheerleader is published. I usually find some defect, usually physical, and hammer away on the poor girl. But this week, it’s different. You see, I can’t find anything wrong with Lizzie. Sure, she’s not the a total knockout, but she’s cute enough. Her defect, however, can be found in her answers, not in her appearance.

(If you would still like to ogle at Lizzie’s photo gallery, you can find it here)

Let’s get right to it. There is no point beating around the bush here.

My celebrity crush is: Chris Brown.

Come again? Let me get this straight: so the scumbag fuckstick who did this to Rihanna is your celebrity crush and worthy of your admiration? You have to be fucking kidding me. Could she be that naive or is it possible that the news of Brown smacking the shit out of Rihanna hasn’t made its way to Kansas yet?

I’m sorry. Epic fail on this one, Lizzie.

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