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Oh Dear: Josh Hamilton Is Back On The Horse


I just came across a report that is simply heartbreaking: Josh Hamilton has fallen off the wagon again after he reportedly had someone inject him with some mysterious substance.

Assistant general manager Thad Levine says Hamilton was given a “root nerve injection” to reduce inflammation.

I’m not familiar with all this street junkie lingo, but a root nerve injection sounds pretty serious. And I don’t care how much it burns, shooting up some junk ain’t going to reduce the “inflammation,” whatever that means. Fucking druggies. And why are the Rangers enabling his self-destructive behavior?

Look at the guy, for Christ’s sake. This photo, taken not three hours ago, shows how much in a bad way Hamilton is – the bastard thinks he still plays for the Reds!

Methinks Junkie Josh needs to cool out somewhere, let himself come down, put “Jesus Take the Wheel” on repeat and fight off the demons.

By the way: better bring a poncho.

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