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Sure, This Guy Is Lucky To Be Alive, But What About His Freshly-Soiled Underwear?

Total Pro Sports found this video which illustrates how close this particular cameraman came to visiting the Great Race Track in the Sky while covering a rally car race. Details, via TPS:

Stationed along the track at the 2009 Ojibwe Forests Rally, drivers Z. Babcock and J. Penley took one corner a bit too hard, causing their vehicle to flip and coming oh so close to taking out an individual with a video camera. Luckily they did not get him and he continued to tape the amazing event.

Hoo boy, talk about a close call. It looks like being a cameraman for one of these races is rife with risk of injury and certain maiming. But I guess it could be worse – he could have a job following around celebrities on that horrible TMZ TV show. Talk about hating your job.

[H/T Total Pro Sports]