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Updated: The Billboard Notre Dame’s (FAKE) Alumni Association Put Up Near Campus Is Ten Kinds Of Awesome


Update: It appears that there is no such thing as the Linebacker Alumni at Notre Dame, so the person or persons behind the billboard are unknown.

Ohhhhh snap! Charlie Weis, you just got served! No, not a gigantic rack of tasty brontosaurus ribs like on The Flinstones (seriously, Weis should just let that fantasy go – it ain’t going to happen), you got put on notice that the folks that for all intents and purposes control your future as the head coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are growing impatient.

Unhappy with Weis’ 29-21 record, the Linebacker Alumni must have wanted to let Weis know that they are watching – and waiting – for something to happen that would legitimize the obscene amount of money he’s making as head coach (according to ESPN, Weis is believed to make between “$3-4 million per year — including income from shoe deals, radio and television deals, etc.”).

But this is all par for the course as far as Weis is concerned.

“I’m the head coach at Notre Dame. Welcome to my world,” he said.

Is it true that as a welcoming gift when you enter Charlie Weis’ world you get a coupon good for one free angioplasty? Because that would be nice.

Weis is clearly facing the most pressure-packed season during his tenure. Expectations are high and his job could be on the line. Even an insightful and logical college football analyst like Lou Holtz, showing no favoritism whatsoever, has picked Notre Dame to go to the National Championship game this season. How does that make you feel, Coach Weis? Are you concerned you might be playing for your job?

“I’m not worried about hot seats, cold seats, anything,” Weis said. “I’m just worrying about trying to beat Nevada.”

How about hot dogs and cold cuts? Are you worried about them? My guess is yes, yes he is.

I have to give credit to the Linebacker Alumni for their well-played ruse. However, if they really wanted to get Weis’ attention with a billboard, I would have went with one of these:



They could have led Weis anywhere they wanted to with those intoxicating offers.

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