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Ooh, I Bet That Left A Divot…


Congratulations goes out to Annika Sorenstam, who gave birth to her first child this morning, a girl named Ava Madelyn McGee.

From her blog (via Waggle Room):

Mike and I are happy to announce that I gave birth to our little girl at 3:30AM this morning. Ava Madelyn McGee is six pounds 10 ounces and 19 inches long.  We are all doing well and we truly appreciate the support we have received. We are VERY excited about our new addition and will keep everyone posted in the coming weeks. Thanks!

Unfortunately, no word on whether or not she sought relief from casual water after her water broke. All I know is that her husband better get used to ground under repair for the next couple of weeks at least, because I don’t see him holing out anytime soon. Also, if I were him, I would go away from an interlocking grip so he can have one hand free to play with his provisional balls, because there are no mulligans during stroke play.

You know, I could go on if you want. No? You guys are no fun anymore, man.

Fine. Moving on, now that pumping out a baby is out of the way, Sorenstam can go back to doing what she does best: kicking the shit out of more feminine golfers on the LPGA Tour. Actually, she doesn’t look half bad in the above photo, but that could just be the Wite-Out talking. What do you mean you’re supposed to sniff it? It tastes fine to me.

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