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Man, I Bet Those Ten People Who Routinely Watch Versus On DirecTV Are Going To Be Pissed


DirecTV has pulled the plug on carrying the Versus network as part of its satellite programming. What makes this story (somewhat) interesting is how catty the company is being about the whole issue. DirecTV has referred to Comcast’s (which owns Versus) demands as “piggish” and this is what they’re doing about it:

“Versus is no longer available on this channel,” read a statement DirecTV posted on the screen that would have carried Versus programming Tuesday. “Comcast, which owns Versus, has forced us to take down the channel because we will not submit to their unfair and outrageous demands.”

Meeee-owwww!I’m surprised DirecTV didn’t accuse Comcast of making demands that were “lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous!” I guess Jackie Childs references only work on sports blogs. Sometimes.

Of course, the fact that Comcast and DirecTV are ruthless competitors for your home television viewing dollars probably didn’t assist in negotiations, nor did it help that Comcast was demanding a 20 percent rate increase from DirecTV to carry Versus.

As always, the real losers will be the fans, in particular the die-hard NHL fanatics who happen to subscribe to DirecTV’s services: all ten of them.

I’m choosing once again to blame Gary Bettman on this one. Why? Why not is the better question. You know, because he’s a retard.

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