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Last Call With NTN Trivia Dorks


We all have them in our social circle: the dorks that sole purpose on going out to the bar is to play NTN trivia. Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy playing NTN from time to time. But there’s always one person in your group that is so competitive, so over-the-top with their obsession with the game that you wouldn’t be surprised if they wore a diaper to the bar just because they find it difficult to get to the bathroom and back in three minutes between rounds.

And talk about hyper-competitive. If you hang around these kinds of people long enough, you start to see petty jealousies and rivalries that develop between them and other regulars at the bar. “Oh, there’s so-and-so. He thinks he’s so smart but he totally sucks at geography and history questions. I am so going to get way more Players Plus points than him tonight.”

You know what? Fuck those guys. I’m not going to allow them to sully Last Call’s good name any more than they already have with their dorky game-playing. As far as I’m concerned, they can start their own bars, have their trivia contests there and leave the getting drunk to the real professionals.

Of course, I’m referring to you guys. What a bunch of d-horns.


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The Entree

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  • And for the ladies…


Andy Gibb!

Alright, kids. Have at it.