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Hopefully, Bad Things Don’t Come In Threes For Jonathan Richter


Do you want to know what’s worse than getting struck by lightning? Having to get the lower portion of your leg amputated as a result. Sadly, that is the fate suffered by Jonathan Richter (right), a defender – I guess it should be former defender – for Danish soccer club FC Nordsjaellan. Richter was placed in an induced coma for ten days after he was struck by lightning July 20th during a match against Hvidovre.

The FC Nordsjaelland defender’s condition is improving and he will “very soon” be moved from the intensive care unit at a Copenhagen hospital, his family said in a statement posted Tuesday on the club’s Web page.

It said he “was making great progress” but gave no further details on the 24 year old.

The website POLITIKEN.DK provided additional details of Richter’s condition in a report dated August 2nd:

Søndag morgen fjernede lægerne på Hvidovre Hospital de sidste dele af respiratorudstyret fra offensivspilleren, der for knap to uger siden blev ramt af lynet under en fodboldkamp – kort efter kunne han for første gang tale.

Yeah, I have no friggin’ clue what that says either, but you know it’s not good when the words “gang tale” end a sentence, no matter the language.

Boy, talk about rotten luck. I wish Mr. Richter a speedy recovery and hope that he somehow manages to live a happy and productive life despite this tragedy. One thing that would be nice if his distant cousin, Andy Richter, could get him a behind-the-scenes walking tour of The Tonight Show set. Well, maybe not a walking tour, I guess. A wheeling tour, perhaps? That’s likely to put a spring in anyone’s step, wouldn’t you say?

Oh dear. I’m just going to go ahead and stop now.

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