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Watching Twins Backup Catcher Mike Redmond’s Triple Could Cause Chris Berman To Have An Aneurysm


And that wouldn’t be a bad thing, would it? 38-year-old veteran Mike Redmond is never the speediest guy on the field and that’s why the way he “rumbled, bumbled, stumbled” (kill me now) around the bases for only the third triple of his career during the Twins’ 5-3 over the Texas Rangers on Sunday was so entertaining. Seriously, I was watching it live and as he rounded second base I was concerned he wasn’t going to make it. Twins manager Ron Gardenhire agreed:

“When he rounded second, I saw that parachute open and I’m going, ‘Boy, this ain’t going to make it,'” Gardenhire joked. “That wasn’t a dive into third. That was a fall.”

Video after the jump.

Wow. The look on Redmond’s face when he’s heading into third base reminded me of when I was forced to watch episodes of Life Goes On for a “sensitivity reprogramming session” back in high school. Is it so wrong that I always considered the “Special Ed” kids the court jesters of the school? It was a highly respected position in the Royal Court during Medieval times and it seemed like they enjoyed the attention.

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