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Hey TBS, Go F**k Yourself

2009 TBS MLB Open- Bon Jovi from Turner Sports on Vimeo.

Courtesy of Big League Stew, above you will find the upcoming commercial promoting the MLB playoffs set that are set to air on TBS until your sanity is effectively forced into submission and you’re left begging for Frank TV ads.

As you can see, the hip and happening brain wizards at TBS went with the old standy, Bon Jovi, and their song “We Weren’t Born To Follow” as the theme music for the postseason, and I have one thing to say to you assfucks:

Go fuck yourself with a rusty box cutter. Seriously? Fucking Bon fucking Jovi? When was the last time these fucksticks were relevant? Yeah, I understand, in order for it to be an effective advertisement, these companies have to appeal to a wide spectrum of ages, styles and musical tastes, but Bon Jovi makes about as much sense as me selling my urine for drug tests.

Who out there is still listening to Bon Jovi except some shitheads from Jersey when they can’t find their Springsteen albums?

I am so sick of watching these companies going with the lowest common denominator by partnering up with bands like Bon Jovi. I suppose TBS could have went with U2 except that crap band is already whoring themselves out to Blackberry and sacrificing the little artistic integrity they have left. But really, who cares about U2 anymore anyway? They’re just another example of a piece-of-shit band making millions of dollars by manipulating nostalgic dickhead wannabes who want to believe the music they enjoy is still somehow relevant.

Anyway, fuck TBS and fuck any person who likes Bon Jovi.

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