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Congratulations, Beatriz Recari

beatrrizbeatrizrecari_img11A tip of the cap goes out to gorgeous golfer gal Beatriz Recari, who got her first win on the Ladies European Tour at the Finnair Masters. Via Golf Babes:

She struggled a bit in the final round, shooting 73 and giving up a 5-stroke lead. But then Bea held strong in a playoff, defeating veteran Iben Tinning. And what a way to do it: Bea holed-out a 176-yard 4-iron to win the playoff.

You know, I would happy to give Beatriz a five-stroke lead, but I’m afraid I would just let her down with my performance after said strokes, leaving her dreadfully unfulfilled. You know, because of her proclivity for “holding strong.” You would think in this day and age some company would come up with a pill you could take or some sort of topical solution you could apply to help out with that incredibly embarrassing problem.

Moving along, Beatriz had this to say regarding her amazing hole-out: “That was definitely the shot of my life. One to talk about to the grandchildren.”

So, she wants to have kids, eh? Sounds good to me.

The ball pitched five metres short and rolled straight into the hole before Recari and her caddie, Andreas Thorp, who is also her boyfriend, both leapt into the air. Recari then walked up to the 18th green to a rapturous welcome.

She has a boyfriend? The hell? You would think posting photos of an attractive woman you never have met on your blog would mean something to the girl. I guess what they say is true: there is no true love in on the interwebs. Just heartbreak and restraining orders.

(note: speaking of photos, since I used nearly every photo I could find of the young and talented Miss Recari in a previous post, there will be no photo gallery today. Feel free to ogle here)

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