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Michael Crabtree Isn’t Afraid To Sit Out Entire Season


According to former 49er Eric Davis, who has been in contact with the inner circle of San Francisco 49ers’ first round draft pick/holdout/malcontent/dumbass Michael Crabtree, it would not be suprising to see Crabtree sit out the entire season. Via The Huddle:

Said Davis, via the Chronicle:

“When I first heard of this situation, I said, ‘No way.’ But after talking to people within his camp after getting to know a little bit more about his background, he’s in a position, he seems to be strong enough, he seems to have a circle around him that are comfortable with him sitting out. It could actually happen. I don’t know how it’s all going to play out, but there’s a possibility.”

Now I have to be honest with you guys here. I could give two flying fucks whether or not Crabtree plays this season or not. As far as I’m concerned, the guy could take a leap of the Golden Gate Bridge, survive, and then swim out to Alcatraz where he could form a Utopian society where people who have everything going for them but are too goddamn stupid to realize it can live without prejudice or judgment.

No, the real reason I posted this story is so I could use the hilarious photo of him. The estimable Punte over on With Leather always uses this photo every time he writes a Michael Crabtree post and it never fails to cause me to chuckle.

I mean look at him – he looks mentally challenged, for crying out loud. This is the type of photo you would see in the promotional materials for the Make-A-Wish Foundation For Retards Wearing Fancy Suits, if such an organziation were to exist. Unfortunately, our society hasn’t progressed to that level of tolerance yet. It doesn’t mean that I can’t dream about it, though.

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