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John McEnroe Would Like It If All Men Would Allow Other People To Stick Fingers In Their Butts


A 100 foot by 35 foot wide banner promoting prostate cancer awareness featuring John McEnroe was unveiled Thursday in Times Square. McEnroe, shown above doing his “I’m getting a prostate exam” face, has become a spokesperson for the cause after his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2006.

The 50-year-old McEnroe says he knows many men his age are reluctant to get screened for the same reason they don’t like to ask for directions – they may view it as a sign of weakness. He hopes to persuade them of the importance of early detection.

If he is as demonstrative when convincing men to get prostate exams as he was when he berated officials during his tennis career, I believe he will be very successful – and scare the crap out of a lot of middle-aged men.

In fact, by simply typing the above sentence, now I feel compelled to give myself a prostate exam. Is it Tuesday again already?

McEnroe promotes prostate cancer screening []