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If You Happen To Be In Shakopee, Minnesota Tonight, You Can Bid On Onterrio Smith’s Whizzinator

Photoshop courtesy of Viking Underground

Photoshop courtesy of Viking Underground

For the sports memorabilia collector who has everything, a new item just popped up that might capture your fancy. Onterrio Smith’s original Original Whizzinator will be auctioned off at the Shakopee Auction Center.

From the always excellent RandBall:

As part of an auction of seized items, the infamous Original Whizzinator that ex-Viking tried to sneak through airport security, presumably to pass a drug test, will be auctioned off tonight.

Yes, this is real. Colleague and friend of RandBall Patrick Reusse had this on his radio show this morning. You can listen here. He even interviewed the auctioneer.

That is ten kinds of awesome.

Below is a list of items available for the auction:

Player Collectibles: The “Whizanator”; 2005 MN Vikings Play Book marked “Smith”; Player Glove; Player Photos; Vikings Warn Up Clothing; Riddell Helmet; Onterrio Smith September 2003 Game Ball (Mn vs. GB); Other Game Balls (some signed); FUBU, Enyce, Gucci, NLB, PHAT Farm; Air Jordan and other high end clothing; Nike Tennis Shoes; Panasonic 5 Disc AM/FM Tuner Surround Sound System; 2004 Sony Rear Projection HD TV; JCV Rear Projection TV (repairable).

It’s not entirely clear how the rubbber strap-on urine-holding dong came into the hands of the auctioneers, although it probably is seized property, but I’m sure it will be a heavily bid upon item and those poor souls who don’t win are going to be pissed off.

Below is a picture of said Whizzinator from the Shakopee Auction Center’s website:


Hey look. It’s even the “imfamous” “Whizanator” too. Cool.

Onterrio Smith’s original Whizzinator to be auctioned off tonight in Shakopee [RandBall]