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How About We Twist This One Up And Call It A Week?


We finally made it, kids. Another weekend is upon us and I ain’t got shit to do – besides golf – which always makes me perfectly happy.

Let’s see what I accomplished when I should have been working this week, shall we?

  • Tony Dungy doesn’t want Michael Vick out in public having “gay drinks.”
  • Dirk Nowitzki won’t have to worry about seeing Cristal Taylor for a few years.
  • Jeff Kent: moron, offender of decent men who have decent mustaches.
  • The U.S. Open will not be the same without Dominika Cibulkova. Nevertheless, my fantasy file is changed forever.
  • Isiah Thomas doesn’t give a fuck about people with cancer.
  • Some Minnesotans get offended by the lamest things.
  • Golfer Blair O’Neal: surprisingly, still attractive.
  • SI let me down by a completely normal Cheerleader of the Week.
  • John McEnroe enjoys getting his butthole fingered.
  • Jimmy Johnson: the worst person ever to be chosen to address the merits of responsible drinking.

Okay, that about does it. Have a great weekend, everyone – there’s not many of these summer days left – at least in my neck of the woods. Thanks for dropping by this week.

Finally, in honor of the release of Halloween 2, a little White Zombie to get the weekend started off right. Welcome to Planet Motherfucker, motherfucker.