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You Will Be Hard-Pressed To Find Any Binge Drinking Going On At The University of Wisconsin Now


Gather round, everyone, I have some important news. The University of Wisconsin has figured out a way to eradicate binge drinking on its campus and it is so easy it’s amazing that no one else thought of it first:

No more beer ads during radio broadcasts of University of Wisconsin sporting events. Brilliant!

The university’s new policy prohibits beer ads on its statewide radio network during football, men’s and women’s basketball and hockey broadcasts. Sweeney cautioned that fans may still hear the occasional beer ad during games if local stations sell the few spots they control to brewers.

The policy also prohibits beer ads during coaches’ television interview shows and in game programs but would allow beer companies to continue hosting tailgating tents before football games, Sweeney said. He said the policy would be revisited after this year.

Yep, when all those students in Madison are huddled around the AM radio in their dorm rooms listening to the broadcast of Badgers games, their there (what am I, a moron?) will be nary a mention of beer. And I don’t need to tell you that without those evil beer companies convincing these innocent and naive kids to overindulge while imbibing their immoral product via radio waves, binge drinking at the University of Wisconsin will be but a distant memory.

TheĀ  genius is in its simplicity, really.

Unfortunately, there is oneĀ  negative consequence to the University of Wisconsin’s courageous decision: the school is going to lose approximately $425,000 in advertising revenue just from sponsorship agreements it previously had with MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch InBev.

And the good news is the movement to get rid of the risky relationship between alcohol and college athletics is not limited to Wisconsin.

Nationally, universities have been shunning alcohol advertising that critics say promotes underage drinking. Some see the decision by Wisconsin, a state known for heavy drinking and close ties to brewers, as particularly noteworthy.

A state known for heavy drinking? That’s the understatement of the century. Just by rolling down your windows in your car while driving through Wisconsin can get you up to a blood alcohol content of .04.

But all that’s about to change – thanks to no beer ads on the AM radio.

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