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Whenever There Is Any Talk Of A Schism, I Always Look To Anthrax


Now that there are reports from ESPN coming out of Minnesota that a “schism” has developed in the locker room between players who want Tarvaris Jackson to start and others who are backing Brett Favre (and some that support Sage Rosenfels – WTF?), I would first like to refer to something written yesterday about the whole mess by Judd Zulgad, a Vikings beat writer and one of the writers of the Star Tribune blog, “Access Vikings”:

So where did my reporting get me? Nowhere close to feeling that this situation is as dire as it is being painted. Let’s make this much clear: There are almost certainly some members of the Vikings who would like to see Jackson starting. Jackson might not have proven himself as a reliable starter in his first three seasons but he is well-liked by many of his teammates and from everything I’ve seen a good guy who often faces criticism head on.

This is the logical place where this story should end. Simply put, there are many players on the Vikings who like Tarvaris Jackson and are simply being supportive  of their friend. It’s yet another example of ESPN’s meddling in an effort to flesh out some sort of controversial story so they can fill air time and provide fodder for their 1,000 NFL talking heads to endlessly blather on and on about.

Nevertheless, the word chosen to describe the situation – schism – made me harken back to my early high school years and a band I was really into: Anthrax. On their 1988 album, “State of Euphoria,” the boys from New York had a song that addressed the topic, aptly named “Schism.”

Follow me down the rabbit hole, won’t you?

Here are a sampling of the lyrics from that song:

Don’t look at me as a white man
I’m just a man
Don’t look at me as a black man
I’m just a man
It takes a man to deal with ignorance
Prove that you can
Like having to climb a barbwire fence

It’s so easy to hate your brother
It should be hard
It’s so easy to hate your friends
Why ain’t it hard ?
Love and hate come in the dock together
Play your card
Love or hate can rule your life forever

Hating, fighting, lying, and I can’t take…
Bitching, screwing, crying, and I just hate…
Taking, cheating, spying, and I can’t take…
Hating, fighting, dissing, fighting, fighting
And I can’t take no…

Schism, SK, SK, SK, SCHISM
A house divided can’t stand

White man? Black man? Brett Favre? Tarvaris Jackson? A house divided can’t stand? How about a locker room divided?

Clearly, Anthrax foresaw a controversy just like this erupting one day in the NFL.

Or maybe they were talking about race relations. Meh. One of the two, I guess.

Jesus, I either need to start drinking earlier or wait until later. Once again, it’s one of the two.

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