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St. Louis Sports Columnist Calls Preseason Matchup With The Bengals A “Statement Game” For The Rams


Holy crap it must suck to be a St. Louis Rams fan right now. Even worse, it must really suck to be a columnist for one of  the local fish wrap factories in St. Louis and have it your job to write about such a horrible team.

That’s why you have to feel for Jeff Gordon (no, not the NASCAR guy), a sports columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The title of his most recent column about the local squad of bumbling football players is “Statement game for the Rams?” It’s never good when the third preseason game can make or break an entire regular season solely on how well the team comes out and plays.

And yes, I understand that the third preseason game is the most important of the four we as fans are forced to endure, since the starters get the most action in it. Still, what happens if the Rams go out and lay an egg in their statement game? What then?

Gordon, who I’m sure is a talented writer and an all-around nice guy, is forced to resort to writing this line as a way to analyze what has to happen in the Bengals game: “They need to block well and tackle well.”

Oh dear. Have fun with all that, St. Louis–ians? St. Louisites? Well, whatever it is, good luck.

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