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I Don’t Care If The Mariners Do “Wak-Off’ After Wins, I Don’t Need To Read About It


Is nothing sacred anymore? A Major League team enjoys a little circle jerk in the clubhouse after a thrilling victory and this guy has to write about it? And what’s so “wild and whacky” about it? I would say it’s more gross and disturbing if anything.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. That Larry Stone fella looks a little creepy, like he would get off on watching the perverted act. I would also like to know what “amatsu” means – probably something to do with Hentai porn or something.

Still, as much as Larry Stone wants to publicize it to help it gain acceptance, “Wak-off” wins probably will never really catch on – especially in middle America.

The Mariners’ wild and whacky world of Wak(amatsu)-off wins [The Seattle Times]