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Don’t Plan On Seeing Joe Paterno Twittering Any Time Soon


Despite all the new social networking methods available to college football coaching staffs to assist in recruiting and keeping tabs on players,  don’t bother wasting your breath trying to convince JoePa that he should embrace new technologies and jump head-first into the 21st century – it ain’t going to happen – especially when it comes to Twitter.

Coach Joe Paterno seems to relish his image as one of his profession’s last curmudgeonly throwbacks. No, he tells the media every year, he doesn’t even have a cell phone or send and receive e-mail. His most recent rant was directed at Twitter, which he dismisses as “tweedle doo or tweedle dee, tweet and twit.”

Tweedle doo or tweedle dee, tweet and twit? I’m no doctor, but can we be sure that Coach Paterno wasn’t having a stroke when he said that?

To be fair, should we even expect JoePa to know what Twitter is, let alone tweet? For crying out loud, birds hadn’t even evolved from dinosaurs when he was born. It was just him, Larry King and a fish with legs in a neck-in-neck race to see who would crawl out of the primordial soup first.

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