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Tony Dungy To Michael Vick: “Stop Going Out For Chick Drinks”


Alright, that’s not exactly what Dungy said, but he did have a stern warning for the quarterback, saying, “Michael, you can’t do that,” after it was reported that Vick was spotted drinking a Grey Goose and pineapple juice when he went out the night after his first practice with the Eagles.

Although the consumption of alcohol is not a violation of Vick’s probation, Dungy is concerned (via Peter King) that drinking may show that Vick is not doing everything he can to “live a clean life and devote himself totally to football.”

While true, I wonder if Dungy is more concerned about the choice of alcoholic beverage as opposed to the actual drinking. Pineapple juice and Grey Goose? Granted, a vokda pineapple juice isn’t technically a classic chick drink, but given Dungy’s attitude towards “alternative lifestyles”, he may have a little more of a conservative view of what constitutes a “manly” drink versus a “fancy” boy drink.

For instance, was it served in a big glass with an umbrella and a pineapple wedge? Come on, Vick. But at the same time, I guess it’s good he wasn’t seen drinking Mad Dog fortified wine, or heard saying that he was simply “having a little hair of the dog that bit him.” That wouldn’t have been good.

But a chick drink, Michael? Obviously, he is not aware that even one chick drink can lead a person down a path to depravity, as evidenced by this classic Kids in the Hall sketch.

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