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David Hasselhoff Is Going To Be Pissed If He Ever Sobers Up Enough To Hear About This

bolthasselhoff-drunkUsain Bolt, who broke the world records in the 100 and 200 meter races at the world championships, was honored Sunday by his German hosts when the city of Berlin awarded him with a nearly three-ton chunk of the Berlin Wall.

The piece of the wall, which divided communist East Berlin from West Berlin between 1961 and 1989, is decorated with a life-size painting of Bolt running on the blue track of the Olympic stadium and the words “NEW WR”—new world record. Bolt set a world record in the 100 at 9.58 seconds and 19.19 in the 200.

This is all well and good for Bolt, and you could even argue that he deserved it. But how do you think David Hasselhoff will feel if and when he catches wind of what Berlin did? It’s not like Bolt brought communism to its knees simply through his gift of song, like the Hoff did.

Nope, this isn’t fair – not fair at all. Which once again confirms my theory: Germans love disrespecting David Hasselhoff.

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