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Whipping Up A Fury, Dominating Flurry, Jemele Hill Creates The Battery?


Jaw-flapping knee-jerk reactionary Jemele Hill was at it again this week. You may recall that Hill has a history of being unable to self-censor her thoughts, including in 2008 when she suggested that cheering for the Celtics was akin to claiming that Hitler was a victim, an offense that got her suspended by the tWWL.

Probably wearing Bad Idea Jeans, Hill suggested on First Take that Packers fans should throw batteries at Brett Favre when he returns to Lambeau Field on November 1st when Minnesota visits. Via Game On!:

Hill suggested that Packers fans shower Favre with something other than love, saying:

“Listen to me, okay? If you have a shred of pride you will give Brett Favre the Duracell treatment when he comes to Lambeau Field.”

When Hill’s on-air colleagues asked what “Duracell treatment” meant, she said:

“Batteries! Batteries!”

Yeah, not quick goat-thinking on that one, Jemele. Why don’t you sit a few plays out and think about how attempts to incite mob violence at an NFL stadium might not be the best idea.

Awful Announcing found video of her retarded comments and also ESPN’s statement regarding them on Bob’s Blitz.

What a friggin’ dumbass. I guess we’ll just have to sit and wait for Jemele to begin lashing out the action and begin returning the reaction because battery is here to stay.

Yeah, it was an easy reference, but a good one.

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