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Maybe The Jaguars Should Lure Don Majkowski Or Lynn Dickey Out Of Retirement


Hey, it worked for the Vikings, didn’t it?

If you live in the Jacksonville area (sorry about that) and want to see home games of the Jaguars, you better buy tickets now (I guess you have some time) because it looks like every home game will be blacked out this season.

The Jaguars play the first of 10 home games this year Saturday night — two in the preseason and eight in the regular season — and the team has already announced all 10 will be blacked out on TV because of a lack of ticket sales.

This will be the first time in their 15-year history that they’ve blacked out all 10 games and the stadium might be only, about half-filled Saturday night. Crowd noise probably won’t be a problem for the Bucs.

Isn’t it a bit premature to assume that every game will be blacked out? Are the Jaguars already admitting defeat this season? Unless they have only sold something like 50 tickets to each game, isn’t it possible the team could get on a roll, fan interest would boom and voilà! Sold out stadium!

(looks at Jags roster)

Oh. Nevermind. At least there is a good chance the Jags might have a new coaching staff next season. Change can be good.

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