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It Appears Bobby Knight Took His Own Advice To Just “Relax And Enjoy It”


The reference, of course, is from a 1988 interview Knight did with Connie Chung where he stated that “I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it.”

You have to love Bobby Knight, the moronic above quote notwithstanding. Between his acerbic personality and wacky antics, the guy is like your pissed-off grandpa that will say or do anything he damn well pleases because no one is going to call him on it.

This photo is as old and irrelevant as Coach Knight’s balls, but that doesn’t take away from its inherent awesomeness. It looks like Knight is either passed-out drunk or simply taking a snooze while he waits for the Matlock program to come on.

The point? Nothing, really. But it’s Friday, and everyone deserves a chuckle after a long week.

Additionally, for no other reason than it’s Bobby Knight-related, a classic video of outtakes from a Bobby Knight instructional golf video. If you have never seen it before, you’re going to laugh your ass off. Enjoy.

Sweet sassy molassey, that is ten minutes of vulgar hilarity. God bless you, Bobby Knight, you foul-mouthed bastard.

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