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Even Uncontrollable Acts Of God Hate The Cubs


What would you do if someone you loved was crushed and killed by a collapsing wall near Wrigley Field during a horrible storm? If you’re as litigious as the mother of one Alec Drews, the 21-year-old man who was unfortunately killed, you sue the ass off the party that has the deepest pockets, of course!

The suit claims the wall was slated for demolition but the Cubs failed to cordon off the area.

Drews took shelter by the wall after a powerful storm struck. Workers came across the badly injured man while clearing the rubble.

Drews died a week later of head and neck injuries. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

While it is tragic that the kid died, sometimes, bad shit happens. Is it the plaintiff’s contention that the Cubs should have thought, “Well, this wall is going to be demolished, and even though it’s fairly in tact structurally, could it withstand straight-line winds if a terrible storm were to blow through?”

Now, I’m not an attorney and maybe I’m looking at this from the wrong perspective – which is far better than looking at it from underneath a huge pile of rubble – but unless the goddamn wall was crumbling and bricks and debris were breaking off it, I don’t see how this isn’t yet another frivolous lawsuit and an example of someone attempting to abuse the legal process to make a quick buck two years after a tragic yet unforeseeable act of nature.

Either way, the guy was probably a Cubs fan, so it’s not like he will be missing out on a World Series championship anytime soon. Plus I heard that when a Cubs fan goes to heaven, Harry Caray greets you at the pearly gates and serves you an ice cold Budweiser, so that’s pretty cool.

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