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Ironically Named Trey Hardee Currently In The Lead Of Decathlon At World Championships

hardeesGermany Athletics WorldsWith seven of the ten events now having been completed, American Trey Hardee remains in the lead of the decathlon at the world championships.

Hardee, who led after three events, topped the standings after running the fastest time Thursday in the 110-meter hurdles. His time of 13.86 seconds was also his fastest of the year.

The American followed with a personal-best throw in the discus to collect 6,334 points.

That’s great and everything and my heart is swelling with patriotism – or possibly a blood clot – I enjoy a big old greasy Thickburger from time to time myself – but talk about a strange name for someone that excels in one of the most physically grueling events in sport?

What’s next? Somebody named Anthony Whitecastle winning a marathon?

All I know if there were such a thing as a Hardee’s Decathlon, all the events would revolve around racing to the nearest bathroom.

Hardee leads decathlon after 7 events [The Seattle Times/AP]