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Decker? I Hardly Know Her!


As far as I’m concerned, any reason is good enough to post photos of the luscious Brooklyn Decker. You know, because she’s pretty good looking and stuff. I imagine most of you would agree.

Decker, the wife of tennis player Andy Roddick (duh), is featured in an interview and photo spread  in this month’s issue of GQ (the same one as Erin Andrews!!1!!1!). Writer Will Welch describes seeing Decker make her appearance thusly:

Brooklyn Decker walks into New York’s Jane Hotel straight from a flight from Texas, where she’s been swimming in Austin Lake and spoiling her bulldog, Billie Jean. She’s double-take tall with a perfect mess of blond hair, ripped jeans, and a loose pink tank top draped over her nearly six-foot frame. The only jewelry she wears is a wedding band, some tiny skull earrings, and a thin gold necklace I ask her about. “Oh,” the 22-year-old Charlotte native says, checking the hardware. “It has an A on it. How cheesy.”

Hummina hummina hummina.



As you try to get the blood flowing back to your brain, Decker also reveals in the interview that hubby Roddick admitted that he practically stalked her before they met.

Decker exudes supernatural supermodel poise, but there’s one topic that rattles even her: She met her husband when his agent called hers to arrange a date. “That happens all the time to girls,” Decker says, blushing a little, “but his was the one number I kept.” For their first get-together, Roddick took her to dinner, then an Upright Citizens Brigade comedy show. “He was the first to admit that he kind of stalked me,” Decker says. “But his line was ‘It’s only stalking if the other person doesn’t like it.’

Ahhhhh, got it. One should only stalk a person who wants to be stalked. Roddick is one smooth operator. And to think that he’s a great tennis player, too. Well, he’s good.