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The Morning Bowl: Erika David Must Really Hate America

bowl-smoking• I guess this screws up Erika David’s guest appearance on Don’t Forget The Lyrics. [Busted Coverage]

• MJD has his five favorite quotes from the Brett Favre press conference. [Shutdown Corner]

• A new Brett Favre nickname: Mr. Pump Fake. [Sports Crackle Pop!]

• More Favre: the top 15 unreported FavreGate stories. [Five Tool Tool]

• John Daly and Boo Weekley dressed up like a clown. Somehow, it makes sense. [Waggle Room]

• The boys over at MYFO keep cranking awesome new features: NSFWednesdays. [Melt Your Face Off]

• Brilliant. The Professional Athlete’s Public Apology Generator. [Food Court Lunch]

• Tom Cable: Coachfighter. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]