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That’s Incredible! Fran Tarkenton Suggests Packers Fan Should Commit Arson


Fran Tarkenton is once again back on his crusade to save the world from Favresanity. You might recall in May when the former Minnesota Vikings quarterback laid into Brett Favre for his dalliances with the Vikings and called Favre’s behavior “despicable”.

Tarkenton, in an interview with Sirius XM satellite radio had this to say about Favreapalooza:

“I really think the whole Brett Favre saga of retiring, un-retiring, three weeks ago (saying) ‘I can’t play,’ the Vikings said, ‘We’re moving on,’ it’s a circus. It’s an absolute circus, and it takes away from all the other things that are going on with the Vikings, with the NFL.  We’re getting ready for a football season and this is a circus and I just have no interest in it.”

He later suggested that Packers fans should burn their Favre jerseys – without a permit even!!!

“Wouldn’t you be upset if you’re a Packer fan?” he said. “I think you’re going to have Packer fans burning the No. 4 Favre Green Bay jersey.  I think the Packer fans have every right to be outraged.”

Outraged, I tells ya!

Now, I’m all for Fran the Man having the right to his opinion, and what is he supposed to do? Not answer the questions posed to him? But his act is getting a little tired. It’s obvious, at least to me, that for some unknown reason, Tarkenton harbors some level of  jealousy toward Favre.

Don’t worry, Fran. We Vikings fans won’t forget about you. You knew Cathy Lee Crosby, for Christ’s sake. People remember stuff like that.

Oh yeah, and you were a pretty good quarterback too. We shouldn’t forget that little detail.

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