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An Exercise In Focus: Stuart Scott Ignores Hooters Gal, Keeps His Eye On The Prize

Courtesy of Busted Coverage

Courtesy of Busted Coverage

Booyah!! Stuart Scott took some time at the Jimmy V Golf Classic last weekend to autograph a – well, I don’t know what it is – something held by a comely Hooters lass. Look at the determination Stu is showing, not even turning one of his eyes to take in the sight of the luscious beauty. He’s as cool as the other side of the pillow, people, even if he is a bit myopic for not taking advantage of the opportunity.

And look at the shit-eating grin on Bill Goldberg’s face. He hasn’t been this happy since his last cycle and he didn’t develop bitch tits.


Courtesy of Busted Coverage

Be sure to head over to Busted Coverage as they have more photos from the weekend, including one of the guy who played Mr. Belding cavorting with some Hooters girls. Man, for appearing on a crappy television show years ago, that guy sure gets around, doesn’t he?

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