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A Gorgeous Girl Who Likes To Hunt And Fish? Yes, Please


Every once in a while, we poor saps living  in flyover country receive a gift from the gods that you folks on the coasts are unfortunately deprived of due to your go go corporate takeover lifestyles. And usually, we like to keep these wonderful bounties a secret, as we don’t like to brag.

However, I cannot keep one thing a secret any longer. It would be far too selfish of me to deprive the world of her. Ladies and germs, may I introduce to you Laura Schara, an absolutely stunning young lady who also happens to have a deep love of the outdoors.


Laura is the daughter of Ron Schara, a legendary outdoorsman and long-time journalist for the Star Tribune. You could say that is where Laura’s love of hunting and fishing first developed.

Laura’s passion for the outdoors was passed on from her outdoor enthusiast father, Ron Schara, who taught her all the lessons that needed to be learned to be a successful angler. Her best catch to date is a 6ft, 77lb. halibut caught off the coast of Alaska. She is also an avid trap shooter and enjoys competing with her sister in a summer trap shooting league.

If the thought of that doesn’t make you tingle a little bit, you must be dead inside. Below is a photo of Laura’s 4th of July catch:


Nice. Both the fish and the lovely Laura.


Ms. Schara is making quite a name for herself here in the upper Midwest. She’s the co-host of Due North Outdoors (she has a blog, too – just like me!) which airs on various regional Fox Sports channels and is also making her way into the fashion world with her new role as Macy’s Trend Correspondent for Minnesota Monthly.

Laura recently was on the cover of local magazine Mpls/St. Paul for the second time. Here’s some video from the photo shoot.

Of course, I have a bunch of photos for your leering enjoyment:






I could be wrong and maybe you have to be an avid outdoorsman to truly appreciate Laura, but as far as I’m concerned, she really “cranks my bait”, if you catch my drift. For obvious reasons, Laura Schara is quickly becoming one of the more popular figures here in Minnesota and would be quite the “catch” if you were somehow lucky enough to land her.

Get it? Ah, fishing jokes. There is nothing more Minne-soh-tan.

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