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You Will Now Be Able To Not Watch The World Series Of Poker On ESPN Until 2017


Apparently, the World Series of Poker doesn’t have Scott Boras as an agent. Set to expire in 2011, ESPN extended the contract for the rights to televise the World Series of Poker through 2017.

The cable network and private casino operator Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc., which owns the series, were expected to formally announce the deal Tuesday.

ESPN, which produced 32 hours of programming from the series this year, is expected to devote at least that much time in future years under the new contract.

Thank goodness that issue was resolved. Having to deal with the stress if negotiations had gone down to the wire might have been too much for my psyche to handle. I don’t know about anyone else, but coverage of the World Series of Poker is very important in my household. Without it, what would I put on the television while I’m at work to punish my dog when she misbehaves? Even dogs can’t handle having that useless garbage on the TV.

So, ESPN is willing to extend their contract with WSOP but willingly let the television rights to airing NHL games go without a care? Makes sense, given POKER IS NOT A FUCKING SPORT!! Before you know it, ESPN will go the way of MTV and will eventually not broadcast anything remotely related to what put them on the map. Although given the appropriate format,  Bakin’ with Berman would have some potential. Somebody get Gordon Elliott on that idea immediately.

World Series of Poker extends ESPN deal to 2017 []