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Michael Irvin Joined “Dancing With The Stars” So He Wouldn’t Feel The Need To Bang 19-Year-Old Chicks


Michael Irvin said the reason he joined the Dancing With The Stars cast was so he could avoid the dreaded “mid-life crisis.”

“All I have done my whole life has been about football,” he said. “This is a way I can have my crisis without getting in a race car or going with a 19-year old.”

Wouldn’t that be one of the benefits of being a middle-aged Michael Irvin? Banging 19-year-olds indiscriminately two at a time?

Irvin added that another reason he wanted to take part in the reality show was to overcome a lifelong fear.

“There are two things that I have been positively afraid to do in public all of my life is sing and dance,” Irvin said. “This is one step. They better not ask me to sing.”

I haven’t watched the show but I’m pretty sure they won’t ask Irvin to sing – you know, because it’s a dancing competition and not a singing one.

Obviously, it will be interesting to see how Irvin fares on the show, but I still would have preferred seeing stories about him getting caught nailing teenage girls while driving a race car. That sounds much more interesting.

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