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Geoff Ogilvy Is A Whiny Little Bitch


Everybody should feel sorry for poor little Geoff Ogilvy. Geoffy doesn’t think the course at Hazeltine National was set up fairly (it probably has nothing to do with his 43rd place finish – right) for last weekend’s PGA Championship, and I guess we should all have to listen to his gripes because he’s the eighth-ranked player in the world. Via Fanhouse:

“The last two years the rough has been bad and I don’t think that’s necessary,” “The difficulty of your shot, in my opinion, should be (dictated by) the position it’s in, not the lie it’s in,” he told FOXSports Australia’s Andrew Both. …”I don’t like how you can hit it in the same spot and one guy’s got no chance and the other’s perfect. … Every player in the world comes off and says it’s not the way of forwarding golf yet they keep doing it.”

Here’s an idea, Geoff – hit it in the fucking fairway and stop your goddamn bellyaching. “Oooooh, course is too hard. My shoes get dirty from the grass stains. My chauffeur was five minutes late. The hundred dollar bills I wipe my ass with are too rough.”

Perhaps Ogilvy should withhold any criticism of a course unless he actually competes in the tournament that said course hosted. Otherwise it comes off as sour grapes from a pampered professional golfer who doesn’t quite understand how good he’s got it.


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